Friday, May 30, 2008

Turkey with a raspberry jus

Ah, Friday night and I want something easy, yet delicious. This fits the bill nicely.
  • Turkey thigh cutlets
  • A carrot
  • Broccolini
  • Raspberry Jam
  • White balsamic vinegar
Season the cutlets lightly with salt and pepper, meanwhile heating up a fry pan with a very healthy splash of olive oil to medium high.

Add the cutlets, three minutes on each side, no wanton flipping! We want some caramelisation here. At the same time, add the carrots, wedged nicely, also no unnecessary flipping.

Once the cutlets have cooked, and the carrots are nice and sauteed, take them out of the pan, chuck on a plate and pop it in the oven (circa 70'C) to keep warm.

Now add the broccolini to the pan, it will soak up most of the oil, that's cool. Turn it with some tongs every now and then, it will be nicely cooked in about three minutes. Flipping at this point is fine! And into the oven with this too.

Deglaze the place with 50-60mls of white balsamic vinegar. You could just use white wine vinegar, but it will take longer and probably won't taste as good. This is all about easy.

Let it bubble away, and stir, stir, stir. Grab the raspberry jam and add three or so teaspoons, keep stirring. If it looks too thick, add some more vinegar. At this point, you can turn the heat to low.

Keep stirring as it reduces, and take a break to plate the meat and veges, and once the jus is nice and tacky, drizzle it over your dinner. Remember, the jus will thicken once it cools down (dependent on how much jam), so don't go too nuts with reduction.

Brilliant, albeit a little more Pollock than Turner. And it only took fifteen minutes from woah to go.

The only thing that could make this meal better would be using the meat it was intended for: a succulent, gamey duck breast. But, they go for about forty bucks a kilo, so we make little comprises. Oh, and I forgot one more ingredient - a restorational gin and tonic in the biggest glass you can find. It is Friday night, after all.



At 1:12 pm , Blogger James said...

two and ahlf months with no updates and what do we get... tukey?


At 5:41 pm , Blogger Lynn said...

hmmm I didn't even get to eat this delicious dinner. grrr

At 7:08 pm , Blogger patrick said...

Delicious turkey! Yum yum!

At 11:06 am , Blogger Tamtims said...

Is that raspberry jam from your maleny stash? :)


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