Thursday, February 21, 2008

Iron Chef America

Interesting article here about a restaurant critic who went along to an Iron Chef America filming.

The article is a bizarre mix of legitimate complaints about the the whole premise of the show, and the hopeless whiny mewlings that - gasp! - things take a lot longer in real life than in a one hour tv show.

For me, the most disturbing accusations are that a) the chefs know the ingredient ahead of time, and b) prepare a menu ahead of time, and c) get their sous chefs to prepare the meal a second time for the tasters.

The fact that the competition is stacked in the competitor's favour shouldn't surprise anyone who has watched the show. I'm cool with that, but I do expect them to make up the ingredient, that's just shit otherwise.

update: For another, less-hysterical-but-similar account, go here.



At 11:19 pm , Blogger Sarah said...

I watched the Japanese Iron Chef on SBS last saturday, and the challenger was said to have mentioned that he ordered a particular ingredient but it hadn't arrived (or something like that), which suggested that they knew the key ingredient ahead of time... I suppose it wasn't so much shattering as disappointing. But I still love the show!


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